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Terms & Conditions





FLS are provided subject to your compliance and acceptance with the terms and conditions as set below:



•FLS will use reasonable effort to ensure washing, drying, folding and ironing are maintained to a high standard.


•FLS will not be held responsible for clothing that bleeds, dyes or shrinks as a result of normal wash or damage due to wear and tear.


•FLS are not responsible for shrinkage of garments in the drying process if the customer has put it in for drying. All service washes will be tumble dried due to the time restraints. Even where the label says do not tumble dry.


•FLS will not be responsible for checking garment labels before cleaning process. Customer is required to check labels before handing in.


•FLS will not be responsible for loss or damage to any personal non-clothing items left in bags or pockets such as jewellery, money etc.


•FLS does not guarantee removal of stains.


•FLS reserves the right to refuse cleaning of any garments. Any complaints must be reported to the manager within a 48 hour period of collection and FLS may take up to 7 days to respond to any complaint.


•FLS may issue refunds at the managers discretion.


•FLS wash all items together as standard as we do not have time to separate loads. We ask that loads are separated by the customer before drop off and we will not be held responsible for any colour runs or bleeds due to mixed loads.





Dry Cleaning


•Dry cleaning service is contracted out to a third party so FLS will not be responsible for any damages due to the dry-cleaning process.


•Garments must be able to withstand the dry-cleaning process.


•We or our third party will not be responsible for shrinkage or loss of buttons, sequins etc on garments which have been cleaned according to manufacturer’s care label.


•We will not be responsible for any damage to garment where there is no care label or the label has been cut off by the customer.


•All garments are cleaned at customers own risk.


•We cannot guarantee removal of stains or watermarks.


•Please note that defects and faults during manufacture may become more apparent after the dry cleaning process which FLS or our third part cannot be held responsible for.


•Garments must be collected within 30 days and thereafter FLS reserve the right to dispose of all unclaimed items.






•There is a 5% - 10% chance of shrinkage on curtains during the dry-cleaning process.


•Some adhesives will not withstand the cleaning solvent.


•Certain coloured or gold plaited trims may be stripped during the dry-cleaning process which FLS or our third party cannot be held responsible for.


•Stitching of hems may become loose or fall down during the process.



By using our services you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.


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