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FLS are an established family run business with over 20 years' experience in the laundry industry. We aim to provide a high standard of service leading to stress-free customers, whether it be domestic or commercial laundry services.



Why work hard all day and come home to washing at night? Let us take the load off your hands with our competitive pricing and speedy service.



It's our goal to meet the needs of many.



At FLS we use the revolutionary OTEX system within our cleaning procedures. This attacks and damages the cell membranes eliminating 99.99% of bacteria, spores, viruses, yeasts and moulds by causing an oxidative reaction on contact. During the OTEX disinfection process, ozone gas is continuously generated and injected into the machine drum throughout the wash cycle. Afterwards, ozone quickly breaks down into harmless oxygen molecules and is washed away. This process is monitored and a receipt is printed at the end of each cycle to demonstrate that the ozone was continuously added into the washing machine drum, which can be retained for HTM 01-04 and HACCP compliance inspections.



The ozone used during the wash process opens up the fibres of the linen to give them a soft, comfortable feel to ensure you always have fresh, hygienic laundry. OTEX works best in cool temperatures by leaving less moisture in washed linens, meaning that the reduction in heat and the gentler washing process that the linen / laundry lasts longer.



OTEX was designed to provide peace of mind where infection control is vital, therefore the sectors below would be ideal candidates to benefit from this system:


- Care homes

- Hospitals

- Hotels

- Spas

- Veterinarians

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